Top 5 Agriculture Robots ruling the World

Top 5 Agriculture Robots

Whether you’ve read about it in books or seen it on TV and in movies, robots and automation are taking over the world.

Well, maybe not quite like that, but robotics and automation have been adopted in every industry to help solve problems and reduce human intervention in many processes.

In particular, it is used extensively across the agricultural industry to help with the increasing demand on food supply for the world’s growing population.

Without any more delay, let’s take a look at the top five robots in agriculture that are ruling the world.


Agrobot E-Series is an innovative generation of robotic harvesters. These machines have been designed to perform autonomously within the rows of any farm. Up to 24 robotic arms grip and cut the stem and then place the produce into field containers for later packing to be sent to supermarkets, cutting-edge graphic processing units, help to assess the fruit’s ripeness ensuring only the best produce is picked and packed.

Precision Hawk

Whether for simple aerial photography, agricultural mapping, or drone-based inspections, Precision Hawk does it all.

Specialising in drone-based mapping and analytics for agriculture, farmers can see the growth trends, generate precision maps, identify early indicators of plant stress, and measure the zonal efficiency of their farms, all through a turnkey web-based platform.

These robots are helping farmers stay in the know and help optimise agricultural operations.

Iron Ox

Iron Ox uses robotics and artificial intelligence to ensure each individual plant receives optimal levels of sunshine, water, and nutrients. This precision leads to vastly less waste at every stage of the process.

The data collected from the plants is used to constantly refine the processes, improve plant quality and quantity, while reducing environmental impacts. This means they can grow exactly what is needed and greatly reduce systemic food waste.

Blue River Lettuce Bot

Blue River specialises in AI technology that searches a field for weeds and destroys them. With their Lettuce Bot a tractor can drive through the field to thin out lettuce and prevent herbicide-resistant weeds from growing.

Lettuce Bot uses cutting-edge, computer vision, and robotics to identify over 1.5 million lettuce plants per hour, enact 90 times per second or with quarter-inch precision.

Eco Robotics

Eco Robotics is the first ever completely autonomous machine for a more ecological and economical weaving of row crops, meadows, and inter-cropping cultures.

It covers the ground just by getting its bearings and positioning itself with the help of its camera, GPS, and sensors, two robotic arms then apply a microdose of herbicide, systematically targeting the weeds that have been detected.

Its reliance and solar power means this robot is fully autonomous. It works up to 12 hours a day without a human operator, drastically reducing human labour costs.

So that’s our top five agricultural robots that are ruling the world. If there are any others that you know of, please let us know in the common sections below, we would love to hear from you.

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