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Up to 45% of all fresh produce is lost or wasted in storage and transport. The largest reason for this is over-ripening. This rotting produce;

  • Cost over $700 Billion in losses each year
  • Contributes to 1/3 of all global landfill
  • Creates a larger carbon footprint than the entire airline industry

According to the UN we need to double our food production to feed the growing planet by 2050.

How do we do this with less land, water and labour than ever before?
PostHarvest has created the most accurate ripening sensor in the world to measure ethylene down to 1 Part per billion.

By measuring micro increases in atmospheric data the device can:

  • Predict produce ripening up to 9 months in advance. Allowing cool-room operators to send out produce on time every time.
  • Get instant notification of produce failure. Allowing operates to take out specific produce before it contaminates surrounding produce.
  • Automate cool-room atmospheres by increasing or decreasing temperature, humidity, oxygen levels, ethylene & numerous other contributors to create a perfect environment according to produce, desired ripening stage and delivery time.
  • Accurate long-term tracing & health measuring. Ensuring the produce is virus-free & customers can trust the brand.

These practices can be proven to reduce produce waste from 45% right down to just 5%.
Our prototype has finished 2nd stage university trials, we have won four international awards, been featured on CNBC with Laurence Fishburne (video) are now entering commercialisation with major clients trail to buy orders.


The Problem: Video Here

The problem that Postharvest is tackling is extremely large!

  • Upto 45% of all fresh produce is lost or wasted each year.
  • This has a value of over $700 Billion annually.
  • It equates to 1.3 billion tonnes of fresh produce, which is largely thrown into landfill.
  • This waste has a larger carbon footprint than the entire Airline Industry.

Current Practices:
Current Industry standards for monitoring fruits & vegetables while in storage, often require invasive techniques that mostly lead to destroying samples, while also disrupting the controlled atmosphere conditions of a storage environment in the process.

The current industry standard in monitoring and analysing the health of fresh produce while in storage is by way of a Gas Chromatography machine.

This process can have a waiting period of anywhere from a day to 2 weeks for results to be returned, rendering them obsolete as over-ripened produce can have irreversible effects on surrounding produce in as little as 3 hours of exposure.

Our Solution:
PostHarvest has created a revolutionary and multi-patented device. The device is able to capture samples of the atmosphere and provide readings down to 1 Part Per Billion. These samples are measured and compared through our AI system which in-turn tells the operator the current state the produce is being stored in and when the produce will be ready to send to retail up to 9 months in advance.

PostHarvest’s innovative service turns storage monitoring from reactive to proactive, potentially saving billions of dollars across the globe each year.

We currently have 30 major strategic companies waiting on trial to purchase units, representing over 500,000 potential unit sales on an $8 a day subscription. Along with the largest North American reseller and distributor inside AgTech, wanting to on-sell our devices on a commission basis.

The total addressable market is hard to estimate as few companies make the number of cool-rooms they used open to the public. After a short time in the market we estimate it to be over 5-10 million.

This is based on clients we are currently working with in America, Australia and NZ and then adjusting to the world according to the amount of produce they export per capita per year and how many cool-rooms they would need to active this.

We are already seeing the FDA starting to require companies to insure produce is healthy & the public slowly starting to demand there is a traceable way to ensure the food they are eating is safe and stored in a sustainable manner. We have had many companies reach out to us as they want to be in the first wave of companies which are showing they have better practices than the competition while also saving millions in produce loss.

  • Muti-patented, world class engineering team with extensive industry specific experience across both hardware and software
  • Real-time alerts
  • Actionable data
  • Industry expert partnerships who are able to counsel and advise on industry needs
  • Highly experience Sales and Marketing team
  • A management team with a background in successful start ups

To-date we have have successful identified the major problems in the industry and have developed a device which offers the solution.

The initial hurdle was creating a technology that offered highly accurate readings that could operate inside the cool room environment without the need for an operator. This allows for realtime monitoring without disturbing the controlled atmosphere.

As a companion to the device we needed to develop a software platform that could handle the data from large amounts of devices in real-time and process the information to create actionable insights and autonomous control of the cool room’s atmosphere.

This has been the primary achievements for us, along the way it has been great to receive media attention and industry recognition for what we have been working on.

We were featured on Channel 7, the AusBiz network and then were also featured on the Behind The Scenes program hosted by Laurence Fishburne. This program has been played to over 10 million households across America after it was featured on the Fox Business Network and their associated TV stations. 

As basic overview our device can predict more accurately; is 1/10th the size and 1/10th the price of existing competitor technology.

We currently have around 20 investors ranging from family members to professional investors from New Zealand, Australia and America. It’s the first time we’re providing an investment opportunity outside our immediate network.

PostHarvest’s CEO, John Shannon, has put down over $1.5 Million. Other reputable investors will remain anonymous unless requested.

PostHarvest are currently concluding unit trials with UNSW (University of New South Wales) and have EOI from the top 30 clients within the sector. These included 2 of Australia’s fresh food retailers. Additionally we are also working with 3 international companies representing the North American market and the European market

Currently finishing our trials with UNSW and have EOI form the top 30 clients in the sector. These included 2 of Australia’s fresh food retailers, we are also working with 3 international companies representing the North American market and the European market.

Our company is excited to announce our first external raise.

We are looking at raising $2.5 million to help fund the companies commercialisation and production efforts. 

Currently, we’re committed to raising $2.5 million. These funds will be matched by our grants & other funds totaling in over $3 million.

Over 86% of the total funds will go directly into the manufacturing & installation of the first 1,000 units which have been requested.

The funds we make back from that initial batch of units will allow us to build our next batch order of 10,000 units and so on and so forth.

Our mission is to work with the top 100 organisations, which is estimated to represent nearly 80% of the industry’s cool-rooms globally.

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