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Within an industry that sees annual employee turnover rates in the
millions. The need to retrain new staff is significant but the time and
resources are minimal.


PostHarvest Learning is here to help meet the need.


PostHarvest Inroduction

In this short course, we'll onboard you to how our courses work here at PostHarvest as well as shed some light on what the drive is behind these free online courses.

What is Ethylene?

This series gives you an understanding of what properties make up Climacteric & Non-Climacteric Fresh produce and how they respond to varying levels of Ethylene Gas.

Food Loss & Wastage

A look at the difference between Food Loss and Food Waste, the internal and external factors that contribute towards this wastage and the ways in which you can reduce loss and waste numbers.

Growers & Suppliers

This series covers the overall care for crops, effective picking, cleaning, precooling, and storage processes that can give your produce a healthy start.

Processing and Storage

All things Processing and Storage. This includes material ranging from "Employee Hygiene" through to "Water use in Processing" and "Prerequisites & Traceability".

The Cold Chain

A general overview of the Cold Chain System and some of the rules within it to ensure it remains unbroken when delivering fresh produce from farm-to-fork in optimal condition.

Transport and Distribution

This course will look at Transport practices to optimise fresh produce outgoings through temperature control, stacking practices, circulation design, cleaning, and so on.

Fresh Produce in Retail

This class will cover a range of topics within the retail area of fresh produce, such as the duties of a produce worker, how to order, receive & stock fresh produce, and how to reduce waste in retail.

Fresh Produce in Hospitality

This class will look at the best practices around using fresh produce in hospitality, whether that be storage, food preparation, hygiene, sanitation, and so on.

Consumer Tips

Learn how to greatly curve the amount of fresh produce waste that comes out of your household with some of these practical steps.

Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Quick nutritional overviews of Fruits and Vegetables, as well as Health Benefits, Varieties, best storage practices etc.

Planting and Picking Fresh Produce

This course covers a range of best practices for the areas of planting, trimming, pruning, and picking of fresh produce items.

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