PostHarvest Atmosfresh™

World first cost-effective ethylene detection allowing you to accurately forecast
the ripeness of fresh produce, receive real-time reports & alerts and automate ethylene
cleaners & other FoodTech systems within your facilities. 

How it works

As the world struggles with overwhelming food wastage, PostHarvest has
developed a patented technology to help proactively deal with the problem,
in the form of an atmosphere reader.

Highly sensitive detection

PostHarvest technology cost-effectively detects extremely low levels of gas in the atmosphere, as a way of tracking fresh produce quality as it is moved through the supply chain.

Immediate data collection

PostHarvest's device collects atmospheric data on a regular cycle, providing highly accurate predictions of ripening timelines; without ever having to handle the product.

Real-time notifications

PostHarvest's software has the ability to collect any and all data from the Environmental Sensor's reads and then forward that data on to subscribers in the form of real-time notifications.

What's at stake?

Agribusiness is one of the largest industries in the world, valued at approximately $US 1.4 trillion a year. While this figure is astounding, there is an ever-expanding percentage of food loss & wastage year-in-year-out.

The main contributor to food waste is fruits and vegetables with a staggering 45% of all post-harvest produce being lost or wasted within the food supply chain. This is roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of food, which equates to $US 680 billion dollars worth of wasted produce not reaching an end consumer each year.

Good Design Award Logo

Good Design Award Jury
Best in Class 2020

“This is a really innovative product that has the potential to have a significant impact on food waste, locally and globally. The real-time nature of the product and its ability to provide information to multiple points in the supply chain, in parallel with its accuracy, are really prominent features. ”

Accurately Forecast

Atmospheric readings that measure down to 1PPB allow for accurate forecasting across all forms of fresh produce. This ensures that you can optimise your supplies, sending them out on time, every-time.

Most accurate ripeness/ethylene detection system in the world

Measurements down to 1PPB to give long-term warnings

Real-time alerts of changes within the storage atmosphere

Real-Time Warnings

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and over-ripened produce take less than 2 hours to have irreversible effects on the surrounding batch. PostHarvest’s Environmental Sensor now provides cool room operators with an informed window of opportunity to act upon, proactively stopping large losses in product.

24/7 measuring - taking readings on a regular cycle

Alerts and Notifications can be sent via SMS, Email or Desktop

Actionable data and suggested responses provided


Real-time level reporting allows PostHarvest to know the perfect conditions and timing for your fresh produce shipments. Link your PostHarvest unit into your ethylene management systems in order to automate the entire process of caring for your stock.

Automate ethylene management systems

Cut down on human error & cost

Ensure steady & healthy growth from "Farm-to-Fork"

Long-Term Data

The accurate history of each shipment’s journey ensures that we can replicate the best cold chain practices as we learn from every batch, every-time.

Ethylene Readings

Temperature & Humidity

Geolocation data feed